Recruitment firm CNA International is pushing ahead with a scheme to recruit sales staff from outside the motor retail sector, including the brown and white goods and mobile phone sectors.


Ian Allen, senior automotive partner with CNA International, said the consultancy piloted a scheme at the beginning of 2013.



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- Our industry leading talent match facility ensures that we align the best  candidates with the right job within automotive.


- Our senior automotive partner Ian Allen has 25 years experience is motor retail and has full knowledge and understanding of all motor retail disciplines and requirements from personal experience.


- We actively pursue and promote a policy of getting the right staff into the right positions and assisting with the “on boarding” process for new starters along with  ongoing mentoring to ensure longevity of service.


- We have the ability and resource  to handle and deliver on all assignments within the automotive sector.

"For some time it has been in my mind that for car sales vacancies, there is the usual churn of applicants. It is musical chairs with the same people almost. There needed to be some new impetus in new car sales," he told Motor Trader.


"We have been advertising on various job boards for people who have sales experience in other areas, mobile phones, brown and white goods, people who would be interested in a career in the car trade and car sales."


"We have been inundated by some very high quality applications. There are about 750 CV's sitting in our database at the moment." he said.



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"Basically we are getting these people, supplying them with some basic motor industry knowledge. They clearly have sales and customer service experience anyway."


"There is also a basic psychometric profile for the potential employer. We are offering them to motor retailers as somebody new and fresh without motor trade bad habits but with fabulous sales and customer service experience. It is really beginning to bear fruit now." he added.